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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 15, 2013 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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for travel and personal and etc., and to watch homeland, according to the daily howler, taxpayers and nearly $200 on premium cable channels like showtime and cinemax. jimmy carter also got nearly $650 for a dish network package in his office. and "the new york times" subscription. this is all legal thanks to the former president back in 1958. folks fighting back, jason jacobs of utah has proposed a bill called the presidential allowance modernization act. eliminating taxpayer funding for each dollar the president runs over $400,000. it seems fair considering our former leaders are living in poverty. they have earned our respect,
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but have not earned free cable. that is just my "two cents more" and my bottom line tonight. coming up tomorrow, richardson of the history channels trento. that is it for tonight, have a great evening. lou: good evening, everybody. we are on the evening of the major political showdown tonight. this president is apparently on the verge of setting in motion just such an initiative. we don't know how far mr. obama plans to go with his efforts contain and constrain our second amendment rights. but what we do know tonight is this. reports from the white house indicate the president is looking at as many as 19 separate executive orders on gun control. press secretary jay carney
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refuses to shed light on what those executive orders entail. while acknowledging that the administration acknowledges it may have to work with congress to accomplish many of the president's goals. >> when we talk about efforts to reduce gun violence, we are talking not just about legislative action. the president has already identified things that congress has actively considered. either the legislation exists or is being worked on. he called on congress to pass the measures that he believes are important. the measures to deal with high-capacity magazine clips and close loopholes in our background checks and system. lou: the president is scheduled tomorrow to address the media late in the morning. he is expected to reveal the unilateral gun control actions proposed by vice president biden. his executive orders reportedly will include cracking down on those who lie on their
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background checks, and tougher penalties for gun trafficking, sharing a gun database information at the state and federal level, and better mental health reporting. if you think the president is not serious, consider that. he is about to give his second press briefing of the week. something he didn't do in the fiscal cliff debate, nor in the last debt ceiling by. how speaker john boehner and mitch mcconnell, for their part, conspicuously avoiding news cameras and silent at the administration's assault on the second amendment as it escalates. a backlash appears to be building in certain parts of the country. one republican congress gentleman requesting act unilaterally. and the state of texas introducing a measure that would make federal officials subject to prosecution.
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tonight we have the "a-team" to discuss the issue. in the sandy hook elementary school massacre rolling rock school safety and the idea of armed guards in schools across the country. one school district is not waiting for the president to act. karl cameron has the report. reporter: reporter: this steel town now has armed troopers guarding their public-school. >> the first reaction is to keep the kids at school say.
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>> whether we are right or wrong, we will do whatever it takes to protect the children. >> there is concern that any weapon in schools can create new risks. in july the more evidence that we have, the better. for 99% of public schools require visitors to sign it. 92% walk or monitor doors according to the study by the national center for education systems. metal detectors are commonplace and have been here at butler for years as well. 30% are dissatisfied with current gun laws, a 15-point
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jump year ago. if you research poll says 51% think it is more important to control gun ownership, 45% it's more important to protect gun rights. maryland governor martin o'malley wants to add fingerprinting and background checks. and mandatory gun safety courses for gun purchasers. >> will do everything we can to protect them from the horrors of gun violence. reporter: in recent weeks barbara boxer, the california senator and noted liberal gun-control advocate has embraced the idea of armed security in schools and even suggested to vice president joe biden that i be part of his proposals.
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lou: the number of schools in this country that had been employed protectors for our children. >> it is particularly interesting that the national rifle association says it is not at all uncommon placed. lou: karl cameron come in chief political correspondent. joining us now is lis wiehl and jean zimmerman. much of the northeastern, if you will political note media elite have literally tried to suppress or you -- i'm going to turn to
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you, robert. reporter: up to 19 executive orders that we will be getting from the president. the president hasn't exacted these yet, but if the president saying that i want to up the ante on guns, and the penalties
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go to the legislative branch. lou: what about the agreement of the firearms of whatever sort. >> you have been very vigilant of monitoring the use of executive orders, no matter who has been in office, no matter which party has been in office. >> you always have to be scrutinizing executive positions. but the president, what we have seen so far in the report, these are administrative steps focusing on more aggressive enforcement of procedures, sharing of intelligence, sharing information of mental health issues or about qualifications and background checks. lou: this is one of the things that you raised earlier. the need to really highlight, and that is that in each of the
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most recent instances, the tragedy at sandy hook, aurora, colorado, the list goes on. and since it was a mentally ill, deranged young man. who was the perpetrator of these heinous acts. >> that is what president obama could do in a executive order. he could have more research into that. but i am very concerned. the slippery slope argument. the president coming out and saying i'm going to issue 19 executive orders and bypass congress. not just for this administration, but for any administration. lou: i think that we need to point out that jay carney today, seem seem to indicate, not only -- if i may, qualified on this basis, the president recognizes that with any substantive move,
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he will have to work absolutely with the congress. >> it was very clear of what we are hearing about executive orders. i think what we have to keep our focus on is the urgency of congress to take steps of buying guns through gun shows so they can avoid it. those that are abusive of the system and clearly dangerous enough one of the political concerns for me though, if the president comes out and his executive orders are done, does the administration sit back and say, okay, we have done everything we can do, and we are working with congress? >> i cannot read the motivation on the part of the political
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portion. you talked about gun shows. we are hearing a chorus of cries of background checks. 1% of crimes are committed by guns purchased a gun show. more murders are committed with a person with a club or hammer than are killed by guns. and this is part of the campaign that has surrounded the discussion to the degree that there has been a discussion. because republicans have been, as i said at the outset, no is your reaction to the president. so i think it's important to get the facts in the foreground of the discussion. certainly to not unilaterally. >> it is really not whether people die because of a hammer
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than they do because of an assault weapon or a magazine of 10 or 20 bullets. the bottom line is there is no rational for a homeowner to have a magazine clip with 10 or 15 bullets in. lou: there is a few of you imagine the person in the middle of the night requires 10 rounds to fend off an intruder. not everyone is annie oakley or davy crockett. you have to be a little bit more constrained by what is necessary at the moment in which you do need a weapon. by the way, and we also have to have acknowledgment from the left, from the democratic party that these guns in this precious second amendment that this shows the rights to bear arms is also designed to make certain that the citizenry is never so we prefer the government that they cemented tierney. i'm sure you would acknowledge that as well.
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>> the second amendment is not absolute. you cannot have provisions of issues of how you manage. >> before we go drifting along with judge school yet and one of his journeys, let's return to what i asked you. you do a knowledge, do you not, that one of the reasons for the right to bear arms is to resist the temptation of government to ever be too radical? >> i find that absurd. i don't think our enemy is indefinite. lou: did i say that the enemy was our government? did i not say that part of the second amendment -- the reason it exists is to prevent government from ever being tempted to establish tyranny over our citizens? >> that's what he said.
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>> that is one of the reasons you're going to see energetic vigilance and perhaps opposition to the efforts of this white house. thank you so much for being here. >> thank you. >> thanks. lou: much more had on the gun-control plans coming up later with the "a-team." stay with us. president obama is adamant. of course he is adamant. he says he won't negotiate on the debt ceiling. all sorts of politicos and savants are talking about a government shutdown. in tonight's "chalk talk", we tell you the truth. and we will call him some trouble waters. plus new warnings about a downgrade of the u.s. debt. a familiar tune with the voice of doom. will the markets take them seriously this time citigroup's global head joins us with the answer the boys use capital one venture miles
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lou: let's take a quick look at what is happening to the markets and the economy. fitch is warning of a possible u.s. downgrade the debt ceiling talks drag on. citigroup had will join us here in just moments. retail stocks rolling up better than expected holiday sales season. the dow jones industrials up 27 points on the day. the s&p managed a point gain but still reaching another five-year high. the nasdaq is down six, that is only slightly from yesterday. the commerce department reported retail sales rose a half precent in december, november sales also revised higher. apple is "the biggest loser" in
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the s&p 500 today, down more than 3% again. it's on yesterday's losses also reports of weak demand and apple shares closing today just under $486. apple stock with $702 is back on the 19th of september. crude oil down 86, just over $93 per barrel. gold of working for $5. going above $1683. the 10 year treasury down 1.3% in feel. margins beginning on a positive note this year. the s&p all 3% higher year-to-date. the economy showing signs of surprising strength and stability. where there was once weakness. joining us now for the remainder of what is the eager that is beginning well is nathan sheets, global head for citigroup. it's good to have you here.
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>> are we seeing a real recovery table here? give us your sense of it. >> i think we see a strength in the housing sector and households are making some progress, that is good as well. i think that the real element with sustaining recovery will be more confident in the business sector. and i think that the businesses continue to wait for a little bit more progress out of washington. lou: yes, he saves all continud on washington, what a lousy piece of geography, right? >> the idea that the fiscal cliff has been resolved best it can be is we have another month and a half to go on the deferred sequestration and but budget cuts and tax hikes that have already been put in place.
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are these guys making more sense than usual? >> i think the resolution of the fiscal cliff us a little bit further toward debt sustainability. going back to 2011, we needed about $4 trillion over a ten-year period 10 year period of time. we are about halfway there with the agreements that have been put in place so far. the question is are we going to go further or not. >> to these guys scare you? >> they make me uncomfortable. the economy needs certainty and 30 end fiscal policy and it seems like we are still hearing a lot of noise if we are watching lot of nothing as usual in washington dc.
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i'm also hearing a lot of nothing from the businesses here, to be very candid about it. we are hearing a lot of whining and moaning and excitement from the business sector about innovation and new markets and new strategies. but there is a lot of potential besides cost cutting, port. >> the earnings in the corporate sector very high right now. we are seeing earnings decelerates him, and that is likely going to be continued if we don't get to a place where the firms feel more comfortable investing in the is the missing link. lou: this is where i say amen, brother.
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it is supposed to be the birthright of americans, productive roles. we expect this year's first gdp growth? >> something as far as 2% in the first half of the year. we hope it will get there and close to 3%. very much holding my breath and we will see what the airframes. lou: thank you for joining us. breaking news from capitol hill, the house of representatives has just approved a $50.7 billion package for the victims of hurricane sandy. conservatives have wanted to reduce that measure and offset part of the cost through spending cuts elsewhere in the budget. those efforts were rebuffed in tonight's vote clearing the way for the senate to approve the legislation of when it returns from recess next week. the house approving and
7:25 pm
51 billion-dollar provision of hurricane sandy victims. up next, scare tactics trying to back republicans into going along with the debt ceiling increase. we will take up the impact in tonight's "chalk talk." and the administration looking to enact sweeping immigration reforms in a mass of new laws. we will talk to our guest coming up next. >> this year 3000 people officemax has exactly the ink... your business needs...
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>> america cannot afford another debate with this congress about whether they should pay the bells they have wracked up. if congressional republicans refuse to pay america's bills on time, social security checks and velveterans benefits checks wile delayed. lou: social security and veteran's benefits? that is the president resorta to
7:29 pm
spare tactics, trying to get the republicans to back down on the debt ceiling debate. you may have noticed that sounded familiar to you? he used same tactics and same language in 2011. nothing original at all. and not raising the debt ceiling, i want you to know in my judgment is not a reasonable outcome, but neither is the president's scary nonsense, i find that this be appalling on his part. or anyone who would resort to that kind of scare tactics for those in our society who should never be frightened by our nation's leaders, the issue of who is what gets paid in a debt ceiling impasse, a shut town of government, would be entirely up to the president of the united states period. if congress does fail to lift the debt ceiling by late
7:30 pm
february, the treasury department has to cover about 450 billion-dollars. in obligations. about 450 billion. revenue at that point, $2 77 billion. essentially the government will be able to cover about 60% of its bill. 60% of its bills, treasury would make the interest payments on the debt that could is about 40 billion. okay? just for debt, we could still pay up social security benefits, they account for about 61 billion-dollars. and we could still pay veterans and our military, that would cost $17 billion for the
7:31 pm
military and for veterans. that is still only $118 billion of that $2 17. $118 billion. i want to ask you. why would anyone not be appalled by a president saying what he just did? implying there would not be adequate money to take care of social security obligations during that period. imply its would not be up to him to make a decision, which would prevent our social security recipients from worrying about such a thing. these -- this is not the stuff of which this president wants to be remembered. this president liked to peg republicans as irresponsible for resisting an increase of debt ceiling but would that not label apply on any administration that would openly violate the law that requires the president to submit a budget to congress by the first monday of every
7:32 pm
february? we know the white house will miss the deadline this year. it acknowledged such. as it has missed its deadline for three of the past four years, we can only hope americans take notice. a note of caution mr. president, a new gallup poll shows that americans are paying attention, in a remarkable way. with some detail and some very specific interest. in fact, when asked to name of most important problem facing the united states in most present gallup poll, let's look at this. this is important as the president prepares to speak to the nation tomorrow on one issue. 21% say that most important problem facings country was the economy. 21%. 20% said the deficit. 20%.
7:33 pm
18% said dissatisfaction with the government overall. that number seemed low to me by the way. 16% said the greatest problem is unemployment that number colates closely to those unemployed, including those who have given up looking for work. 5% said just the lack of money is the number one problem. as they see it by the way, 4%, 4%, said gun control. this is where you are mr. president. this is where you are. and it appears president obama is being reckless with at 4r50e69 two oat leastthose issue remain out of work. two press briefings on gun control, well, let's see what
7:34 pm
happens. >> the gun control debate, the empireious president set to rule. >> liberal mainstream media outraged about a new nra shooting app, we'll show you the game they should really be worried about. we wonder why are they ignoring it? is the obama administration now secretly planning amnesty for 11 million illegal immigrants in the country. will republicans go along with the plan? immigration attorney, cardenas will join us next. i would ever quit.hink [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. it put me at ease that you could smoke on the first week. [ male announcer ] some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions
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lou: my next guest said that the fact that president obama is seeking a an ambitious overhaulf the immigration system is a great step. but first the borders must be
7:38 pm
secured. it is great to see you my friend, welcome back. lou: let's start with this massive bill, that at least it is described as such, that would provide a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants. first with the consist. do you think that is theappropiate way to proceed given the failures and frustration of the past 6 years at part of those who tried to avoid incrementallism and seek a whole loaf rather than a portion there of. >> the portions need to be there, the end goal is to make certain that immigration works for america first. and for the system we need in our economy to have visas for individuals who want to come and work individually, and the most secure borders we can have.
7:39 pm
nobody should be against that. once we get those steps achieved then we should look at how we fix the problems we do have, so we do not end up this this mess again. lou: the government accountability office showing they believe they are under counting the number of people entering this country illegalling looker they being, homeland security, by almost 40%. 38% under counting. that is extraordinary, they -- on to say, they really think there are great problems with the estimates on the part of nearly all of the agents they do not think they are close reality. >> if we had a visa system that worked for those who want to work here legally, we could focus on those that want to do damage. which is really where department of homeland security should focus, we saw in the gao study was a income healtly the versiot
7:40 pm
only focussed on the southwest border, it needs to be a comprehensive study of our coastlines, and those that over stay their visas. lou: and illegal immigrants, estimated 40% here, as a result of entering through the ports and airports. over staying their visas. going to the idea that we're going to see this battle joined. i have gone through the list with gallup, talking about problem that face the nation, this president those en one of the lowest priorities -- chose en one of the lowest priorities for american people to put his great, effort into, that is gun control here, is talking about immigration reform, and gun control, he is taking on the issues that frankly are not -- not at the top of the list for most americans. how doe you raisingallize that, we need to resolve the issue,
7:41 pm
but how do we eplane hi explains of priority. >> well, i don't think they should mess with the second amendment, when they put it out there immigration reform should be done in a way it achieves an american purpose, i feel, and i think that american people feel that problem has persisted for decades. and it needs to be addressed in a rational hume -- humane approach, the president is talking with leaders to both parties, and i really look forward to seeing legislation introduced. it needs to be done in a bipartisan fashion. lou: do you think that the -- >> one party cannot take all of the responsibility or the blame. lou: are the republicans do you believe, ready to press ahead and a.
7:42 pm
>> it should be a pathway to legal status. i am not objecting to provisions already in place, but let's be frank, republicans are the ones that have led on this issue through decade, last time comprehensive eu7 immigration rm passed it of during republican leadership, of it bipartisan, it wassing should that did get more democratic votes, but failed during leadership of democrats in 2007, i believe, you can't blame one sydor the other, you have to come together, that is what the american people top see. i hope that is where the president is headed. lou: always good to talk with you. >> you got it, thank you, lou. lou: coming up tomorrow, appellate attorney, peter johnson, talking about second amendment and far more. and attorney general greg abbott will be here.
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lou: liberal plain stream media blasting nra for target shootig it comes a database of state gun laws, cnm, and nbc covering criticism surrending the nra's game release as an app. for some reason those organizations chose to ignore outrage over a new on-line video game in which players are actually they get points for
7:47 pm
murdering the president of the nra, and creator also developing a simulation of sandy hook shooting, that is not horrifying enough for liberal mainstream media, at least cnn, and nbc. >> walmart, the initiative to result in 100,000 hires in in the next 5 years. >> way to go walmart, i have to say, hiring 100,000 veterans, god bless. >> you up next, president, set to unveil his gun control pro % onal tomorrow morning, -- proposal tomorrow morning, we can hardly wait, how about you. 19 executive orders, the a-team
7:48 pm
taking up the emperious president and so much more, join us next.
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lou: joining me now the a-team. good to have you all here. well, let me just start if i may, we have breaking news. our congressional correspondent, has justin formed us according to two democratic aides there are three point component points to be discussed by president, universal background checks for those seeking to buy firearms.
7:52 pm
that also there will be a limitation on magazines, no more than 10 rounds. and there will be a initiative to ban assault weapons again. those three components according to our mike emanual. i want to start with you robert. what do you think? >> i think this is a strong broad camp hencive approach, and also went mainstream thinking of america people according to polling of nra members, went their mainstream thinking, there has to be a more aggressive background check, the idea there could be loopholes that people can buy guns in gun shows and avoid background check is unacceptable. >> and -- banning assault weapons is important. >> curtis? >> miami, new york, chicago, where there is should horrific
7:53 pm
crime where the fiercest gun control laws, and by the way you mention walmart, they will not have guns left to sell, at the rate that people are buying guns. >> we should continue to sell assault weapons? >> you are helping gun industry sell more guns than they sold before, more magazines or more ammunition. >> beside vaudeville routine -- -- >> your position? >> in new york crime has dropped to an all-time low. >> are you saying we should sell assault weapons. >> we should, have you been selling them, there are a million in new york alone. >> it should continue? >> why not? >> you talk with major -- >> handguns commit more murders in america. >> we should allow -- >> may i interjec, sherri?
7:54 pm
but two facts, one. 49% of murders are committed by handguns, not assault rifle thees, and we're talking about most 2% of murders are by rifles. 300 i believe the number was 326 murders by rifles. not assault rifles but rifles that would be within that context. more people murdered with a hammers and clubs than rifles, now sherri, your view? >> the president knows the same thing you just stated, lou, that is why tomorrow he is doing a big pr effort, surrounding himself with a lot of children, of course, he will be protected by men with guns, but he does not' anyone else to be protected. this is why he does this smithklinsmarmyein my view, usia
7:55 pm
shield, if one teacher or principal has a gun that saves children, in a school like sandy hook, then the second amendment is worth it, and effort to stop and infringe on my second amendments. and the present will give you emotional talking point but you have armed grown ups that know how to use the gun that know how to protect the children, and remember principal and those teachers ran toward the gunman, had one had a gun more children could have been saved. not the president standing with children claiming that gun control will safe their lives it has not worked this is despicable what he is doing. lou: we'll be back, and continue yelling i'm sure, they will speak with a passion that is commensurate on the issue, we'll be right back with the a-team. stay with us. what are you doing?
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lou: with all talk about gun control. it is easy to forget there is a debt ceiling battle upon us, presidentments to resolve a good measure of the gun control issue with executive order fee. >> usurp taxes are good, i sign executive orders this is my honorable decree from his royal highness, barack obama, we got rid of kings years ago, he has allege late testify work with, -- legislative to work with, not to gifforders. lou: he said it is easier to work without them, he said any deal too raise federal budget, has to include new tax revenues. not only do you have to raise the debt ceiling but you -- the republicans have to agree raise taxes. who house th has the gun to


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